This clinic  is opened with the conviction that homeopathy can treat patients effectively and safely without any side effects. With that conviction in mind, we are committed to serve our patients with the best treatment available within the scope of today’s latest technology.

We are conveniently located in Shah Alam, near the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


What makes our clinic different from other homeopathy clinics

We have modern technology from Germany that is able to detect organ energy imbalances. With this technology, early organ degeneration/malfunction can be detected and therefore we can prevent the disease from deteriorating. We can also treat the disease at an early stage.

With this technology, we can choose the suitable and effective remedy so that the patient will recover in a short time.

Besides that this technology can also detect toxicity or metal toxicity in the body.

This technology can also be used to detect:

a) Vitamin deficiency

b) Mineral deficiency

c) Enzyme deficiency

d) Hormone imbalance

e) Intestinal flora

f) Pathogen and etc.

We have high quality medicine imported from Germany and USA.

The Superiority of Homeopathy vs Conventional Medicine

1. Homeopathic medicine does not contain any drugs and so there is no side effects. It is safe to use even for a long period of time.
2. The concept of homeopathy is to treat  the root of the disease and aims for a cure.
3. Homeopathy is easy to take and safe for all ages from new born babies, pregnant mothers, adults and senior citizens.