How the Technology works

Safely and non invasively.

The properties and ability of skin has been known for hundreds of years, acknowledged and used by many Practitioners over time, is the fact that it is able to sense information regarding internal organs and systems, be able to react to irritation and stimulation of various reflexes, thereby sending messages to the regulating systems of the body. These are all too familiar to many Acupuncturists and Doctors. We can influence imbalances, disorders and malfunctions by acting on these areas of the skin. (ie Acupuncture, massage)

The way the body reacts in each area to the irritation will vary, this happens because our nervous system can adjust the functioning of the body to accommodate its current environment. It is the areas of increased physiological activity that we use for action during treatment of disorders with SCENAR-therapy.

The priority action for both SCENAR and Cosmodic devices is primarily to create normalising function to an area or organ or system. (Of course to its best ability, within its normal physiological range) The technology is not condition dependent. It is not the device that treats the disorders in the body, it is your body itself.

Each cell has a memory and with the introduction of a neuro – like signal from the device carrying information for the normalising of function to the area of the body, the body then is reminded how it should be for a healthy organ to work and recover.


Of course one of the most important things is, how it feels.

“I always maintain that the level of sensation is controlled by the patient. Consider that if you shout at the brain it will cease to receive information. Therefore it makes sense to stay within a comfortable level which may change in intensity the longer one works in an area.”

It may feel more intense in areas of pathology. It is therefore possible to set the power manually and change settings to accommodate even the most sensitive of people (or animals).