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While we’re always interested in knowing how we’re doing in serving our community, what’s most important is how our patients are doing following their diagnosis and treatment in our facilities.


 Before Treatment After Treatment

Cervical Cancer


A Lady, 46 years old
Taman Saujana Utama, Sg. Buloh

After two pap smears and one biopsy she was told that she had cervical cancer. She has vaginal discharge, which is  pale and sometimes dark and foul-smelling. At night she is restless in her sleep and has pains upon  turning her body . After first treatment with homeopathic remedies, all the pain subsides and she can sleep well at night. She passed a big blood clot at her menstrual period and after that all the vaginal discharge diminished. She went for check up at Selayang Hospital and the Doctor said every thing is clear. This case resolved within 2 MONTHS.


A man, 30 years old

had hives with itching over arms, legs and all over the body. Patient was worse when taking chicken and had took much allopathic drugs but failed to cure. Patient was given homeopathic remedies and cured completely within 2  weeks.

A young boy, 14 years old

came to me suffering from chronic urticaria with great burning and itching all over the body. He had this  eruption since five years ago and had gone through allopathic treatment but the problem still cannot settle.

The patient was given a few homeopathic remedies and was cured completely within 3 weeks.

Gall Stones

A young man, age 23 years old
Taman Tun Dr.Ismail, KL

He had violent pain in the gall-bladder due to gallstones. He had tearing, cutting, lancinating pain in the region of gall bladder which was extending to pit of stomach, back and right shoulder. X-ray report showed gallstones, but he refused to take operation for the removal of  gallstones. He was given homeopathic remedies and after a few days he does not have any pain and after two weeks X-ray showed that there were no more gallstones. Patient was considered cured.

A lady, 50 years old

had repeated attacks of pain in the gall bladder due to gall stones. Pain was always worse  after eating fatty foods and after lifting heavy goods at home. She had bitter taste, loss of appetite, constipation, with great weakness and debility. Patient was given a few homeopathic remedies and the patient was cured completely within two weeks.

Kidney Stones

A man, 48 years old

had kidney stones that were sliding down to the ureter. He had pain in the ureter and bladder (X-ray declared stones). Patient was given homeopathic remedies and after one week, patient was very happy that stones in sand form were passing in urine. After two weeks no more pain in the ureter and bladder. Patient was considered cured.

A man, 37 years old

had stone in her left kidney near the pelvis equal to the size of small walnut as revealed by X-ray report. He had great weakness, debility and loss of appetite. He had red sand in urine and had violent pain in left kidney and relief after the flow of urine. He was given a few homeopathic remedies and after three days the stone was passed out during urination. This case cured within 2 weeks.